Beauty Workshops

Check our beauty workshops, for professionals and for good looks lover. You will be trained in specific techniques and get our most recommended beauty tips.
Group bookings or Individual workshops can be organised (3-4 participants max in group).

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Makeup For Everyone

Want to create a flawless look for any occasion or simply update your make-up techniques?
Learn How To Get Your Makeup To Work For YouYou’re not happy with the way you apply your makeup? You have always wondered which colors would suit you, what shades would accentuate your eyes, what kind of lipstick would emphasize your lips?  Look no further, this make up course is just for you! With our beauty tips you’ll learn how to create looks for both formal and casual occasions, as well as how to do makeup when in a hurry.
Parents: this is also a perfect course for your teenagers – they’re going to dabble with make-up anyway. This course will teach them not only to apply it correctly, but it will also give them the confidence to wear it well. Less is Best!
What This Course Offers You
  1. Colour compatibility and what is best suited for you
  2. Theory and practice of makeup techniques
  3. Hiding imperfections and creating an all day flawless finish
  4. Master the basic day makeup
  5. From day to evening makeup
Included: Folder with course notes.
Duration: Up to 3hrs
Time and Date: on request
Venue: Rose Bay, Byron Bay and Ocean Shores
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Eyebrows (Minimum Cert III in Beauty Services)

When we look at someone, eyebrows are naturally the first point of focus, therefore framing the face is vital. Discovering the best shape for your eyebrows without sacrificing their natural appearance is what you want to accomplish when shaping your brows. Learn how to achieve it with our beauty tips.

Want To Feel More Confident In Eyebrow Shaping Or Need More Training?
It is crucial to have the correct eyebrow shape to balance facial features and open the eye area up. As every face is unique, the eyebrows should be the correct thickness and length to perfectly frame the face. This professional short course enables participants to learn the art of eyebrow shaping so that you can create the perfect eyebrows for your clients.

You Will Learn How To

  • Determine correct eyebrow shape
  • Prepare the skin for shaping and aftercare
  • Apply the techniques to create shapely eyebrows
  • Apply eyebrow tint to enhance the shape of the eye

Prerequisites: Minimum cert III in beauty (Max 2 per session)
Included: Professional tweezers and a folder with course notes.Please bring with you 3 people as models to practice your brow shaping on. Folder with course notes.
Duration: Up to 3hrs
Time and Date: on request
Venue: Rose Bay, Byron Bay and Ocean Shores


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Brazilian Waxing Course (Minimum Cert III In Beauty Services)

Brazilian waxing is a standard service offered in all beauty salons and its popularity is growing more each day. Increase your chances of employability by adding this skill to your repertoire, or gain more confidence in some extra training and tips. Due to the intimate nature of this service, therapists need to deliver their service with confidence, care, and efficiency.

Learn How To

  1. Correct application of techniques for an effective result
  2. Exercise discretion
  3. Maintain hygiene practices
  4. Application of “vajazzles”
  5. Questions and Answers

Prerequisites: Minimum Certificate III in Beauty Services.
Requirements: Please bring one or two people to practice on.
Included: Folder with course notes and approx 3hrs
Time and Date: on request
Venue: Rose Bay, Byron Bay and Ocean Shores


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Spray Tanning

Learn how to achieve a natural sun-kissed skin without stepping outside your door! Spray tans are a safe and great way to look healthy and glowing all year round, without the harmful effects of UV rays.
This short course is for anyone wanting to learn the art of a flawless fake tan. Discover beauty tips and tricks to deliver and maintain a natural-looking spray tan.

Learn How To

  1. Confidently apply a spray tan
  2. Choose the correct colour to apply for the different skin tones
  3. Prevent streaky, uneven, blotchy tans
  4. Maintain the life of a tan
  5. Manage typical problem areas such as elbows, knees, and feet
  6. Questions and Answers
  7. Students will have the opportunity to purchase a Spray Tanning Unit with solution in order to kick start their new business

Students are recommended to wear loose dark clothing and tie long hair back.

Included: Folder with course notes.
Duration: 2hrs
Included: Folder with course notes.
Time and Date: on request
Venue: Rose Bay and Byron Bay


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