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Our ranges comprise of Cosmedix, Skin Medica, Aspect, PCA.
Our medical ranges are pro-active and facilitate anti-ageing, lifting and tightening, reduces lines and wrinkles, brighten and lighten pigmentation.

Eat well and stay young: the anti-ageing foods

anti-ageing foods

Eating the right food is the first step when it comes to fighting against free radicals and the signs of an ageing skin: from fish to berries to tomatoes, from spinaches to dry fruits and eggs, all the foods that will keep you look young.   Ageing is what we do to not die, but […]

The importance of Retinol in Skin Care

The truth about Vitamin A (Retinols). This ingredient is one of the most sought after popular active ingredient and is known for cell renewal, reducing wrinkles and reducing sun damage. Retinol is the most effective substance for the care of ageing and UV damaged skin.