Endermologie special: prepare your body for summer

Is your body ready for summer?


Almost at goal weight, however you feel your shape could be better?

Do you feel unhappy with your body?

Do you have cellulite and no matter how hard you exercise, how healthy you eat and how much water you drink, it just won’t go away?

Do you suffer from that “orange peel” look on the back of your thighs?

Want to tone and get rid of centimetres around mid section and your thighs?


If you answered YES to at least one of those questions, it is very likely that you don’t feel ready for summer. The good news is that we can work on it and it’s not too late…

Mid-August, early September is the perfect time to start planning for the Summer Season.  Not just your holidays or trip abroad, but also for your body and ensuring it to be the best possible version of you!

90% of women around the world suffer from cellulite and dream to reduce it. Cellulite is a condition where fat tissues push on connective fibers below the skin altering the appearance of the skin. Age, hormones, lack of exercise and hydration can be the cause it.  Even though following a healthy and active lifestyle is good, it can only help to a certain point.


You might not know there actually IS a solution to the problem and we have it!


Endermologie is the first and only proven treatment in the world approved by the TGA for cellulite reduction.

This technology has been developed in France over 30 years ago. Endermologie consists of a soothing massage performed through a body stocking with a special device. It improves blood circulation, contours the body and reduces the appearance of cellulite by breaking down fat accumulation. It is a painless, non-surgical and completely natural procedure, since it works on stimulating cellular activity.

You will see results immediately and they include temporarily smoothed cellulite and a visible improvement in body shape and skin tone. You will even feel a thigh circumference reduction.


Come in for a free consultation to our  Rose Bay Salon, we will create a  plan that suits your own body and your needs.

If you book in with the 1st treatment between August 16 and September 16, you will receive 10X sessions of anti-ageing LED HEALITE II (worth $500) FREE of charge!


For best results we recommend to keep a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Check out our gallery to see the amazing results of this treatment

So are you ready to get in shape for the summer?  Contact us HERE