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1 hr session



3rd 1 hr session within a 30 day period  $50
30 min session $70
3rd 30 min session within a 30 day period  $40

Jennifer pursued her passion for occult sciences and natural treatments extensively by studying a wide range of energy practices and natural healing techniques. She has qualifications in Flower Remedies, Reiki, Zen Yoga, Tai Chi, Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage, Crystal Light Balancing, Meditation, and Quick Pulse Technique. She has also studied Psychology, Huna Healing, Crystal Healing and Psychic Development extensively. During 2007 she created her own range of flower and crystal remedies – with some powerful results when used by clients.

Jennifer eventually developed her own unique style of energy healing, integrating her knowledge with her intuitive promptings and natural abilities. This produced a powerful technique which could dramatically shift people on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Part of this process was embracing her psychic abilities, which guide her sessions allowing her to intuit her client’s needs.

Jennifer has had a successful career as an Energy Healer, which spans more than a decade. During this time she opened a Natural Health and Wellbeing centre, which operated in Wangaratta Vic and Myrtleford Vic for 6 years. During this time, she was also called on extensively within the community to give talks about natural health, provide Zen Yoga classes for special groups and work at events, festivals and expos. Having moved to Byron Bay at the end of 2014, she reopened her business in the middle of 2015. She enjoys meeting people from all over the world, as many people gravitate to the area for healing and balance. She loves helping people reclaim their health, freedom, and vitality, along with peace of mind and personal empowerment.

Jennifer is available for distance healing sessions, which can be an equally effective method. She also has a talent for communicating with animals, a skill which has allowed her to restore the health and wellbeing of many pets and wild animals.