Bodibeauticious Facials give us the opportunity to rejuvenate and treat your skin accordingly.  These facial treatments below are ideal for those that feel their skin is looking dull and lifeless, and need of a change– keep your skin looking hydrated & refreshed with maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

THE OXYGEN FACIAL ($169) (80min)  The Celebs Facial behind their flawless complexions …  Non-surgical, no downtime, anti-ageing, accelerates cell turnover, plumps, tighten.Perfect for Brides-to-be or before the Red Carpet Event!
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MINI FACIAL ($70) Cleanse, exfoliate, steam and mask.  (40min)

CUSTOMIZED FACIAL ($120) – A tailor made facial according to one’s personal skin needs. Cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extractions, facial massage, serum and mask. (60min)


BASIC DEEP CLEANSE FACIAL ($145) – Cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, serum and mask. (60min)


SUPER FACIAL ($355) includes OxyGeneo oxygenating exfoliating, NeoMassage, Ultrasound RF Tightening, massage, anti-ageing mask treatment and includes LED light. 

OXYGENEO with RF or Ultrasound ($225)
Treatments simultaneously – Exfoliate, Infuse and Oxygenate.   Treatment includes RF or Ultrasound
RF: Tightening and Firming  Ultrasound: Infusion of Collagen.  Includes LED light for healing.

Oxygenating Exfoliation (similar to microdermabrasion) is an innovative skin renewing treatment.  Includes LED light for healing.  

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The Micro-Hydrabrasion is a system that exfoliates the skin with diamonds while simultaneously vacuuming and washing it. Include LED light for healing.

MICRO-HYDRABRASION ($195) with pomegranate peel

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With Oxygen Facials you will have a smooth, healthy and young skin. This treatment is non-invasive and safe for all skin types.

An air brush introduces oxygen into the skin and the practitioner then applies a special serum based on vitamins and essential minerals according to your skins requirements.  The treatments is painless and applies no chemicals. The idea is that skin will heal itself through this extra oxygen. It has no side effects, you can apply makeup and lotions and go back to your normal life even right after the treatment.

After your first treatment, you will experience a firmer, plumper, rejuvenated, radiant and fresher looking skin.


Micro-hydrabrasion is part of our cleansing and anti-ageing treatments. Practitioners apply a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion tool on the face. This causes the skin to exfoliate while deeper layers re-emerge. The service includes a system of water to hydrate and cleanse and aloe vera to cool down and sooth the skin after the application. As a result, micro-hydrabrasion is less harsh than micro-dermabrasion and has a shorter recovery time.

After each treatment skin becomes clearer and more clean, while discolouration, sunspots, scars and fine lines or wrinkles are minimized.

Results can be seen immediately, but we recommend a set of 4 sessions in 4-6 weeks intervals.

We recommend to avoid direct sun exposure and apply sunscreen for a week after treatment.


The Pollogen super facial uses OxyGeneo technology, an innovative skin renewal treatment that tightens and firms your complexion by generating oxygenation from within. It delivers 3 essential treatments simultaneously:

  • exfoliates the upper skin layer
  • infuses essential revitalising nutrients
  • oxygenates the skin from within.

This exclusive combination improves skin tone, evens texture and nourishes the complexion, giving you a balanced healthy glow. It is suitable for all skin tones.

Results are visible from the very first treatment, however, we recommend 4-6 sessions for long term results.

Available in Rose Bay only.