Medical Grade Skin Peels

The Secret to Perfect Skin.

Whether a light peel to refresh the skin is needed, or a deeper peel for more stubborn skin conditions Ultraderm Peels offer clients an affordable, yet effective solution to targeted peeling that will suit most skin type and skin conditions.
Individual results may vary, however one can peel for up to 3-5 days.Usually peeling is done by by day 7, but can still have dry flakes all the way to day ten. PEELING THE SECRET TO PERFECT SKIN!

We recommend a course of six treatments for ultimate results.


Ultra Refresh Peel


One should start on lower levels of peels and work towards higher strengths.Lactic Acid is more hydrating so it is ideal for more mature/drier skin concerns.
Ideal for sensitive, combination, dry and dehydrated skin concerns.

A great start to your peeling regime


Ultra Restore Peel

10% Lactic & 10% Glycolic

This is a Medium Intensity Peel, especially designed for dry, dehydrated and ageing skin.
Pigmented and sun-damaged skin will benefit from this peel.
A safe peel which can be administered to darker skin tones.


Ultra Renewal Peel

25% Glycolic

This is considered a high intensity peel.This peel is good for scarring, discolouration, uneven toned and hyper pigmented skin conditions. It is very much sought after for body applications such as a back treatment.

Medium Peels can be applied every 1-2 months


Ultra Reveal Peel

40% Lactic

This Peel has a high Lactic Acid content and can be incorporated into the Ultra Refresh Peel Series.A fantastic and result orientated Peel which targets Ageing and pigmented skin.

* Medium to High Intensity