Counselling, Lifestyle / Wellbeing Coaching with Jeannette Singer-Goldberg

Jeannette says: “All Counselling and Coaching essentially focuses on relationships – whether it be the relationship we have with our self, or with our partner, our children, family, with others or with life.

Couselling and Lifestyle / Wellness Coaching can support you to understand and change the unwanted behaviours and patterns that keep you stuck in your struggles, anxieties and fears and to develop more compassionate, positive and loving choices towards yourself and others.

Over the years Jeannette has noticed that no matter what challenges leads a person to Counselling:

We are all longing to:

  • Connect more deeply with our true self
  • Make sense of the world and our feelings
  • To accept change
  • Liberate ourself from bad habits and patterns
  • Communicate more freely, openly, honestly and naturally
  • Improve our relationships
  • Improve our health and vitality​
  • Improve our work – life balance
  • Be motivated and able to take some sort of action
  • Change and move forwards
  • To ‘let go’ of our old ‘stuff’
  • To receive and express more love

We are all seeking:

  • Change
  • Clarity
  • Peace of mind
  • To feel more worthy, empowered and confident
  • To raise self-love and self-care
  • To feel more light-hearted and optimistic
  • More autonomy / self-responsibility
  • To achieve our personal or professional goals
  • To learn new skills for handling both current and future
  • challenges more effectively and authentically
  • Love


Jeannette says: “Counselling is not and should not ever be just about mulling over our issues. The potential of counselling is always to raise self-awareness and initiate change and evolution, to foster connection, honesty, acceptance and healing.”

So by collaboratively assigning some practical ‘homework’ you will have the opportunity to test the truth of the realisations and inspirations gleaned from your sessions by applying them to real life situations. This ensures the integration of the therapy into your daily ‘Livingness’.

Jeannette is also available for Energetic Facial Release, find out more here.




About Jeannette Singer-Goldberg

Jeannette Singer-Goldberg has been working with men, women, children and families around the world for over 20 years. She has a background in art and interior design, which organically led to a focus on supporting people to de-clutter their homes and offices, which in turn quickly led to a focus on ‘de-cluttering’ our minds, relationships and lifestyle.

A post-graduate degree in Counselling seemed the next natural step. She started working with families, specifically in post-natal support at first, and for the following 10 years Jeannette was welcomed into many hundreds of clients’ homes. Over time her sessions grew to encompass an integrated focus on understanding and changing behaviour, family therapy for the immediate and extended family, lifestyle and wellbeing coaching. Her experiences in family support have provided her with a solid foundation for understanding and working with men, women and children of all ages, with all manner of issues as well as with groups / families as a whole.

Not only her vast professional experience but, also Jeannette’s innate deep and insightful understanding of the interplay between the body, mind, spirit and soul enable her to support you to restore clarity and balance between these intrinsic aspects of yourself.

Jeannette’s ‘pin wheel’ logo is symbolic of bringing a fresh breeze to stale old perspectives and ways of living. It represents the wind of change – and that is just what she inspires and supports you to do.


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