Microhydrabrasion: cleanse and rejuvenate your skin with diamonds


microhydrabrasionMicro-hydrabrasion is part of our cleansing and anti-ageing treatments. Practitioners apply a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion tool on the face. This causes the skin to exfoliate while deeper layers re-emerge. The service includes a system of water to hydrate and cleanse and aloe vera to cool down and sooth the skin after the application. As a result, micro-hydrabrasion is less harsh than micro-dermabrasion and has a shorter recovery time.

After each treatment skin becomes clearer and more clean, while discolouration, sunspots, scars and fine lines or wrinkles are minimized.

Results can be seen immediately, but we recommend a set of 4 sessions in 4-6 weeks intervals.

We recommend to avoid direct sun exposure and apply sunscreen for a week after treatment.

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